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CO2 Storage Tank Meter Installation for a NY City Power Station

Published on 10 12, 2021 in Category: GENERAL

 Recently, Keco Engineered Controls had an opportunity to put the Rosemount 3051 Pressure Transmitter to the test on a job for a New York City power station. The station is part of a New York City based company that operates one of the world’s largest energy delivery systems and provides energy services to more than10 million people. The company contacted Keco and requested assistance with a requirement for an alarm system that would warn a truck driver delivering liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) when the storage tank level and/or pressure began to approach unsafe levels. The alarm would also warn operations personnel in the station control room.

A Common CO2 Application

Compressed CO2 is a necessity at many power stations because it is used to help reduce minerals in boiler water. Injecting compressed CO2 through the top of the boiler drum helps remove those contaminants in the water. It does this by blowing the waste off of the surface of the water. This common process is often called “Boiler Blow Down.” 

The Challenges of CO2 Delivery

CO2 is typically delivered in liquid form, which allows much more to be stored in a tank than if it were a gas. In order to maintain its liquid form, CO2 needs to be kept under very high pressure. Because of this, the storage tank pressure needs to be monitored carefully when CO2 deliveries are made.

Using the Rosemount 3051 Pressure Transmitter

While assisting the station with their CO2 storage tank overfill alarm system, Keco used the Rosemount 3051 Pressure Transmitter to monitor the pressure as the tank was filled. Keco also used a Rosemount 3051 Differential Pressure transmitter to monitor the CO2 level in the tank.

When dealing with a CO2 tank which is inside a building, it is important for the tank level and pressure information to be sent out for the driver to see, as well as into the building’s control room for operators to see.

The station originally thought a transmitter signal splitter would be needed to send the two sets of signals – one level and pressure to the driver, and one level and pressure to the control room. Keco was able to eliminate the splitter by running the wiring connections through two Precision Digital panel meters. One was used to display the tank level in feet and the other to display tank pressure in psi. These panel meters also had relays which Keco used to activate a strobe light and a buzzer to alert the delivery driver to stop the flow of CO2 to the tank if the level or pressure exceeded the alarm limits.

Keco also chose the Precision Digital model PD2-6000 panel meters for the display. These meters have large digits - 1.8 inch high. They are also extra bright so the driver can easily see the information on the display from anywhere in the truck delivery area.

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