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Rosemount 1056 Analyzer

Rosemount 1056 Manual

Rosemount 1056 Analyzer The Rosemount 1056 liquid analyzer is the perfect tool for measuring numerous chemical and physical properties of liquids such as conductivity, pH/ORP/ISE, Chlorine, Dissolved Oxygen, Ozone, and turbidity. The analyzer also accepts a current input for measuring a flow rate.

The 1056 also provides quick start programming, and it automatically recognizes the above sensor boards when the analyzer is powered. The menu also steps you through the sensor calibration routines for quick and easy sensor calibration.

The 1056 has a large, easy to read display and is very easy to install. The unit can be configured in seven languages: English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese.


The Rosemount 1056 analyzer offers single or dual sensor input with an unrestricted choice of dual measurement combinations. The wide range of sensor choices supports most industrial, commercial, and municipal applications. The modular design allows signal input boards to be field replaced - making configuration changes easy. For safety and convenience, live process values can be displayed during programming and calibration routines, and the current outputs can be put on hold to keep the process stable.

The Rosemount 1056 analyzer sensors can be mounted so they are in the main flow stream or in a side stream if temperature or other conditions in the main flow stream are beyond the sensor capabilities. Retractable sensor assemblies are used where sensors need to be removed for cleaning and calibration without disrupting the process flow.

Rosemount 1056 Sensors A very popular option available with most sensors is to specify the sensor with the Variopol cable connector on the sensor. With this connection, sensors can be easily removed without disconnecting the cable from the 1056 analyzer.

Retractable Sensor Assembly In-line sensors are also available with Tri-Clamp or Perlick fittings for Clean-In-Place (CIP) and 3-A sanitary applications in the beverage, food, and pharmaceutical industries.

At Keco Engineered Controls we work with analytical measurement applications every day. If you need to measure pH, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, or other chemical and physical properties in your operation, call or email us today