Keco Engineered Controls: Process Control Instrumentation
Commercial Laundry Wastewater Monitoring System

A commercial laundry was required by the local Sewage Authority to measure and record the pH and the total gallons per day of wastewater sent to the treatment plant.

A pH controller monitors the condition of the wastewater from the washing machines and adds the appropriate chemicals to meet the Sewage Authority requirements. A mixer is also used to help disperse the chemicals.

When the water reaches the proper chemical balance and the high level set point, a signal is sent to the submersible pump to empty the holding pit. The level sensor also shuts down the pump when the pit is at the low level set point.

The drain is piped with a loop to stop any siphon that could empty the holding pit and to prevent any back flow from the drain. The loop also keeps the magnetic flowmeter tube filled with fluid which is a requirement for accurate flow measurement.

The magnetic flow meter and pump are sized to prevent the holding pit from overflowing while the washing machines empty during the wash and rinse cycles.

A strip chart recorder is used to display and record the pH and the number of gallons of wastewater sent to the treatment plant.

The system ensures that only treated water is released to the drain.

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