Keco Engineered Controls: Process Control Instrumentation

Signal Conditioners

Moore Industries ECT Isolator, Converter, Repeater, Booster and Splitter

Signal Conditioners, like the Moore Industries ECT, are electronic devices which can receive process control inputs - such as 4-20mA or 1 to 5 volts from a transmitter. Universal signal conditioners can then perform isolating, converting, repeating and splitting functions on the incoming signal and send the resulting converted signal to an alarm system, control system or a recorder.

As an example, a 4-20mA output from a flow transmitter can be isolated from RF/EMI interference in a plant, can convert the signal to a 1 to 5 volt output, and can reverse the input so the output signal decreases proportionally as the input increases. As a result, a control valve could receive an isolated control signal to gradually close as a process flow rate increases to help prevent excess gas or liquid from causing a tank or other vessel to overflow.