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For over 34 years the process control systems experts at Keco Engineered Controls have supplied control instrumentation from top manufacturers such as Rosemount Measurement, Rosemount Analytical, Liquid and Gas divisions, Micro Motion, Foxboro, Eurotherm and Chessell.

When you work with Keco the focus is on solving problems—not just supplying products. Keco is unique in that we specialize in gas and liquid flowmeters with onboard calibration verification to satisfy government regulatory requirements. Our customers receive substantial savings from eliminating the need for spare meters, eliminating the costs to remove and send meters for testing and calibration, and eliminating the high costs of tests at flow meter testing facilities.

Keco’s control instrumentation experts understand which of these carefully selected products is best suited to meet our customers' flow, level, pressure, steam, temperature and combustion control requirements.

ABB UP Series Pneumatic Actuators


From electric actuators or electro-hydraulic actuators to Pneumatic actuators, Keco Engineered Controls is sure to have a solution to meets your control system's requirements.

Electric actuators are chosen for situations where it may be impractical and/or too costly for pneumatic actuators.

If an application requires quick, powerful, and very precise actuation, an electro-hydraulic actuator may be the solution.

The most frequent use of Pneumatic actuators is for automating ball, butterfly, globe, and plug valves.

Pneumatic actuators are best used with applications where an existing air supply and air control signal system is available.

Moore Industries SPA2 Programmable Limit Alarm


Keco offers programmable limit alarms to ensure accurate monitoring of flow, level, and pressure in various processes.

If a condition exceeds the programmable limits set by the alarm unit, a signal is sent, which activates horns, lights, and control room alarms.

Installing programmable limit alarms ensure timely action can be taken and failures prevented.

Magnetic style flowmeter

Flowmeters & Flowmeter Accessories

Keco's focus on searching out the best technology in process control products is illustrated with their flowmeter product line. Keco's instrument and control specialists search out gas and liquid flow meters with onboard calibration verification to satisfy government regulatory requirements.



Turbine, Magnetic and Ultrasonic, Positive Displacement, Coriolis/Mass, Open Channell

Steam Flowmeters
Differential Pressure, Vortex

Gas Flowmeters
Thermal Mass, Variable Area

Insertion Flowmeters

Fisher 67CFR Regulator

Industrial Process Regulators

Keco represents the Fisher line of Industrial Process Regulators.

Fisher regulators provide control of back pressure, pressure, and temperature in applications using air, gases, liquids, and steam.

In addition, Keco carries regulators that are employed as tank blanketing or other specialty applications.

Precision Digital Panel meter

Panel Meters & Rate Indicators

When process measurements from Flow, Level, Pressure, Temperature Transmitters or other devices is critical, Panel meters and rate indicators receive and display information.

Many process variables may be programmed to display for process knowledge and control.

As their name implies, panel meters and indicators are used when mounted in panels or enclosures to allow for operator monitoring and control.

Recorders & Controllers

Recorders & Controllers

As processes become more complicated and research and development becomes a key factor with many industries, Industrial process recorders and controllers are necessities.

Data is provided to the process recorder by analog voltage, RTD and other inputs. Variable process conditions such as flow, level, pressure, and temperature are recorded and printed on paper charts or displayed on an LCD screen.

Moore Industries ECT Isolator, Converter, Repeater, Booster and Splitter

Signal Conditioners

Keco's represents Moore Industries ECT Signal Conditioners, used to receive process control inputs from a transmitter.

Once the input from the signal conditioner is received, devices such as flow transmitters can perform isolating, converting, repeating and splitting functions on the incoming signal. When the correct process conversion message is received, signal conditioners send the resulting signal to an alarm system, control system or a recorder.

This allows for proper control of flow rates as flow increases or decreases during cycles.

Contact us today to satisfy your process control requirements. We promise our engineering controls experts will find the correct solution for your application.