Keco Engineered Controls: Process Control Instrumentation

Panel Meters & Rate Indicators

Precision Digital Panel meter

Panel meters and indicators are used to receive and display process measurements from Flow, Level, Pressure, Temperature Transmitters and other devices. In addition to displaying the measured process variable in engineering units, the panel meters are often used to display flow totals, level in multiple units like gallons and inches, and alarms when a process exceeds limits set by the user.

In addition to displaying process and alarm information, a retransmission of the process variable, usually a 4-20mA signal, and/or digital relay outputs can be used to send information to control rooms, distributed control systems, or to other devices like pump controls which provide single on/off or multi-pump alternation.

As their description indicates, panel meters and indicators are usually mounted in panels or enclosures where operating personnel can monitor them.