Keco Engineered Controls: Process Control Instrumentation

Eurotherm Paperless Graphic Recorders

Flow Recorders

Industrial recorders provide data acquisition and recording by accepting analog voltage, RTD and other inputs which represent process variable conditions such as flow, level, pressure and temperature.
The results are printed on a paper chart or they are displayed on an LCD screen with paperless recorders. Recorders can also provide alarm relay outputs if inputs exceed user selected set points. The recorders can also retransmit a process variable via an analog 4-20mA output, and can perform totalizing functions. Some recorders can be used as controllers to provide outputs to control valves and other devices when process inputs differ from set points.

Some recorders can also be built with Ethernet connectivity with support for common protocols to provide net working to a local area network or the world wide web. For data export, a removable SD card or USB flash storage capabilities are available on some models.