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Rosemount 3144P

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The Benefits of Choosing a Rosemount Temperature Transmitter

Rosemount 3144P with RTDWhen durability, accuracy and reliability are critical to your operation, the Rosemount temperature transmitter is a natural choice. From the basic Rosemount model 148 to the advanced level of diagnostics available in the Rosemount model 3144P, these devices are designed to provide you with full control over the temperature process in your application which helps to ensure all your regulatory and operational standards are maintained.

Ease of Use

Regardless of the Rosemount temperature transmitter you choose, model 148, 248, 644, or 3144P, simple installation and integration with your current monitoring system is a major feature with these transmitters. They are designed with the flexibility to operate in a host of different environments. They also offer cost-saving options like mounting the sensor to the transmitter, or mounting the sensor remotely which can reduce the time and related costs to get you up and running.

Additionally, all Rosemount temperature transmitter models are highly rated for their overall performance over long periods of time. Some of the models offer system and process alerts, which are easy to set up so that warnings can be shown on the transmitter display.

On the more advanced models, the software in the Rosemount temperature transmitter also provides diagnostics for the system which are shown on the display. The diagnostic messages allow you to schedule preventative maintenance for the system, helping to reduce unexpected downtime.

Optimal Efficiency and Reliability

With built-in redundant temperature measurement, sensor drift alerts, universal sensor inputs, and ease of configuration, Rosemount temperature transmitters offer highly efficient, accurate and reliable temperature measurement, monitoring and control.

For assistance in choosing the exact model that is right for your application, talk to the staff at KECO Engineered Controls. We can be reached online through our contact page, or give us a call today at 732-901-5900 to talk in person.

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