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In-Line Analyzer

Rosemount Analytical Model 1056 Intelligent Four-Wire Analyzer

In-line liquid analyzers and sensors for industrial processes, municipal water, wastewater, and power generation most often use in-line sensors and microprocessor based analyzers. These devices are preferred for measuring Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, pH, ORP, and Turbidity.

Rosemount 396P Hot-tap SensorThe sensors can be mounted in the main flow stream or in a side stream if temperature or other conditions are beyond the sensor capabilities. Retractable sensor assemblies are used where sensors need to be removed without disrupting the process flow.

Rosemount 225 CIP Toroidal SensorIn-line sensors are also available with Tri-Clamp or Perlick fittings for Clean-In-Place (CIP) and 3-A sanitary applications in the beverage, food, and pharmaceutical industries.

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Sampling Analyzers

Hach Silica Analyzer

Sampling analyzers for measuring down to PPM (parts per million) and PPB (parts per billion) concentrations for Chlorine, Dissolved Oxygen, Hydrazine, Phosphate, Silica, and water hardness most often extract samples from one or more process streams.

The samples are analyzed in microprocessor based instruments often using colorimetric and/or ion-sensitive electrodes. The samples are compared to known chemical standard solutions which are stored in the analyzer enclosure. Sampling systems are frequently used to monitor drinking water, industrial effluent, and ultra pure water for power and process plants.

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Hand-Held Analyzers

Myron L Ultrameter 6P Analyzer

For quick on site measurements where the process fluid is easy to access, portable hand-held units are available to measure Conductivity/TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), pH, ORP, and Resistivity. In addition, the hand-held unit can read the sample temperature.

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