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3 Reasons to Invest in A Micro Motion Coriolis Meter

Published on 03 06, 2019 in Category: GENERAL

There are many different factors to consider when choosing a flow meter. One of the most important for many of our customers, after dependability and reliability, is the total cost of installing and operating the meter.


A micro motion Coriolis flow meter is a choice that results in a meter that is extremely dependable and reliable but comes with a slightly higher initial cost than many other types of more basic, traditional flow meters. However, the Micro Motion Coriolis meters offer a number of advantages that can result in much lower long term maintenance and operating costs.


At KECO Engineered Controls, we find at least three reasons why a Micro Motion Coriolis meter is often the best overall meter for some applications. These meters are the technology of choice in the oil and gas industry because they have very low maintenance and operating costs, and for those reasons, they are increasingly used in many other industries with specialized applications.


Ease of Installation


Even with the advanced technology used in the measurement process in the Micro Motion Coriolis meters, they are very easy to install in most operating systems. Additionally, they are so versatile that they can be used with high or low ambient and process temperatures with no impact on the accuracy of the readings.


The meters come in many different sizes and configurations, and also have many options for transmission of data such as integral, on board, or remote mounted transmitters offering flow, or flow and density measurements.


Easy Configuration


With the use of industry leading software, a Micro Motion Coriolis meter can be easily configured from computers using Windows operating systems including older versions such as Vista and XP. Users can access a portal that provides easy setup as well as process variable diagnostic tools, including the ability to diagnose remote mounted flow sensors in the field.


Advanced Accuracy


With the use of advanced technology, there is increased accuracy in meter readings. For control purposes, these meters provide fast refresh rates, which means more precise data points for the highest measurement accuracy at any point in time as well as across time.


If you need incredible reliability, a full range of diagnostics, and extremely limited maintenance requirements, contact the flow engineers at Keco Engineered Controls at 732-901-5900 or for detailed information about Micro Motion Coriolis meters.


Micro Motion Installation Manual

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