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KECO News - Read about our latest news and products

Why Choose KECO for Your Flow Meter Needs?

Published on 06 20, 2017 in Category: MAGNETIC FLOW METER

If your business requires accurate liquid flow monitoring, it's important to have the best possible instruments. This is why so many companies turn to Rosemount magnetic flow meter products specified by Keco Engineered Controls. Rosemount magnetic flowmeters deliver industry leading performance and reliability coupled with intelligent diagnostics to alert you when your flow is outside the limits you set. Most important, the Rosemount magnetic flowmeter is one of the meters offering in line calibration verification, a speciality that Keco focuses on.


Other Specialties


Overall we specialize in quality process control instrumentation, and pressure and temperature regulators and valves for gases, liquids, and steam. We provide only the highest quality products from Honeywell, Foxboro, ABB, Eurotherm-Chessell and the Rosemount magnetic flow meter. If you need to improve your air, water, wastewater or steam flow control, we can recommend the right equipment for your application. We also design complete systems and we can assist with start-up.




Keco’s experienced engineers are very familiar with the needs of todays plant operations. We work hard to understand your requirements so we can help you choose the best products for your application. As a solutions-oriented company, our goal is to help you consistently meet your operating and regulatory needs.


Special Needs Services


We have the capacity to assist with upgrades and retrofits when needed. Let us be your primary source for replacing old or obsolete equipment.




While we provide over 30 years of experience in the instrumentation and controls industry, we make a point to specify the latest technology available to you. Call us at 732 901-5900 or e-mail us at for the latest instrumentation and control products for your flow metering requirements.

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