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Experience the Benefits by Selecting a Rosemount Pressure Transmitter

Published on 09 30, 2022 in Category: GENERAL


Pressure transmitters are designed to measure the pressure of liquids, gases, and steam inside industrial machinery, pipes, tanks, and other vessels to monitor and control process conditions. The result is operations that are safe and efficient without unplanned shutdowns or dangerous incidents. 


Rosemount pressure transmitters are the industry standard for accuracy, performance, reliability, and safety. Rosemount pressure transmitters can be used to measure absolute, differential, and gauge pressure—helping to improve production control, efficiency, and safety. Their key feature is that they can be built specifically for your application. As a result, installation and startup is quick and easy because the transmitters are made to fit into your operation where you need to measure flow, level, or pressure.



Among their other advantages:


1.     Rosemount pressure transmitters measure differential pressure, gauge pressure, and vacuum.

2.     Rosemount pressure transmitters are durable, reliable, and able to withstand almost any environment.

3.     Rosemount pressure transmitters are submersible if sealed conduit connections are used.

4.     Rosemount pressure transmitters include diagnostic and maintenance options that are easily accessible using Rosemount field communicators, laptops, and personal computers with HART communications software.

5.     Rosemount pressure transmitters are manufactured with piezoelectric materials to provide immunity to electromagnetic and radiation fields as well as immunity to vibration.

6.     Rosemount pressure transmitters may be linked to other systems, such as PLCs or DCS systems for access from safe, climate controlled areas.

7.     Rosemount pressure transmitters can be used to control the pressure applied by boilers, compressors, pumps, and other machinery during production processes.

8.     Rosemount pressure transmitters can be used with other measurement devices like annubars, orifice plates, flow nozzles, and venturis to measure gas, liquid, and steam flow, and to provide alarms when these flows approach high or low limits.


These pressure transmitters are used in many real-world applications that enable equipment operators, production personnel, and maintenance technicians to work safely and with confidence that they can do their jobs well.


If you are interested in how the Rosemount pressure transmitter can help you achieve safe and efficient operations in your workplace, contact us today for more information. Keco Engineered Controls:; 732 901-5900. Curious about how you can benefit from Rosemount instruments? Explore 7 ways to improve productivity and process operations with pressure instrumentaion. 


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Experience the Benefits by Selecting a Rosemount Pressure Transmitter

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