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Should You Consider Magnetic Flow Meter Technology?

Published on 05 18, 2018 in Category: GENERAL

For measuring liquid flow rates with chemicals or other solid particulate, magnetic flow meter technology is an excellent choice. KECO Engineered Controls specializes in the design of Rosemount Magnetic Flow Meter technology to help you better control your process and plant effluent flows, and to help you meet regulatory requirements.


What is a Magnetic Flow Meter?


Magnetic flow meters use electromagnetic induction for measuring liquid flow inside a closed system like a typical pipeline. It does this using to Faraday's Law which states that when liquid flows through a pipe, it can create a magnetic field. By placing electrodes inside the pipe, the meter can measure the electrical voltage that the fluid flow generates in the magnetic field. As the flow of fluid increases, the voltage generated also increases.


When the electrodes measure the voltage, it is transferred to an amplifier which provides a very accurate flow reading with a turndown ratio as high as twenty to one. In fact, nearly one-fourth of all flow meters now use technology used in the Rosemount magnetic flow meter.


Benefits of Magnetic Flow Meters


A significant benefit of a magnetic flow meter is that it does not utilize obstructions in the pipe to measure the flow rate. This makes them perfect for industrial applications that use fluids with chemicals or other particulate which can easily corrode and erode internal parts. As a result, maintenance issues which can lead to costly downtime are avoided. Here are some additional benefits to consider:


  • Wear and tear - no moving parts means you get longer life from your meters.
  • Pressure drop - a Rosemount magnetic flow meter has virtually no pressure drop.
  • Low and high flow measurements - magnetic technology gives you accurate measurements for both high and low flow conditions.
  • Flow changes - if your system is subject to rapid flow changes, magnetic flow meters are a terrific option.


KECO Engineered Controls specializes in Rosemount Magnetic Flow meter applications for chemical, lime slurry, and waste water. KECO uses Emerson design software and many years of flow measurement experience to insure you receive the best meter for your requirements. Please call 732-901-5900 or email us at for price and lead time for your meter.


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