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Solutions Specialist Keco Engineered Controls Offer Comprehensive Fluid Control Solutions For Your Business

Published on 03 25, 2021 in Category: GENERAL


Keco Engineered Controls is well known for being a trusted Foxboro and Rosemount instrument distributor. They are also specialists in creating custom solutions for your process control needs. A great example of this is a project for a New Jersey Medical Center’s cooling towers. Keco created a custom solution to alert boiler room operators when their cooling tower water was reaching levels that were too high for safe operation.



With advancements in fluid control and computerized fluid monitoring, many companies are eager to design and implement fluid controls that can help maintain efficient and safe operations and prevent unplanned downtime. Beneficial in many different applications, these process control instruments help manufacturing and other operations function automatically, without the need for continuous monitoring. KECO Engineered Controls not only distributes these instruments to industrial buyers, but can design and install control systems that incorporate them like this recent project we completed.



When severe wet weather occurred, this New Jersey Medical Center was experiencing water overflow from the facility’s four cooling towers, causing water to pour into the boiler room and even operating rooms in the hospital. Boiler operations were disrupted and patient operations had to be postponed. The medical center needed to find a safe and reliable solution to prevent this from happening when severe thunderstorms, heavy rains, or a hurricane occurred. To alert the boiler room operating personnel about potential sump overflows, Keco installed high water SPDT level switches in each cooling tower. To contain installation costs, Keco used a wireless relay system to send the high water level alarm signals to the boiler control room. When the high level alarm light flashes and buzzer sounds, the staff at the medical center knows to start their sump pumps at much lower water levels than usual. This creates excess capacity in the sumps. As a result the sump pumps are able to pump out the excess storm water and eliminate flooding in the hospital.



KECO Engineered Controls has designed and installed similar systems for pharmaceutical manufacturers, power plants, and refineries, to enable them to control excess ground water during severe weather.



Interested in finding out more? Call or email Keco Engineered Controls, a trusted Foxboro and Rosemount Distributor. Experienced staff will assist you with any questions you may have. Call us at 732-901-5900, email us at, or visit our website at for more information.


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Solutions Specialist Keco Engineered Controls Offer Comprehensive Fluid Control Solutions For Your Business

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