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The Advantages of a Micro Motion Coriolis Meter For Production Systems

Published on 09 05, 2019 in Category: GENERAL

Micro Motion Flow MetersDifferent types of media in the same system, such as liquids of varying densities and gases can pose problems for many types of flowmeters. One of the most versatile and practical options is the Micro Motion Coriolis meter. At KECO Engineered Controls, we are often asked if the cost of a Coriolis Mass flowmeter can be offset by the benefits. If the system has multi-phases such as gases and liquids that need accurate measurement, the advantages of this flow meter often offset the cost.


The Micro Motion Coriolis meter works on the Coriolis principle, which means that liquid flowing through an oscillating tube creates additional twisting and oscillation based on the volume of flow through the tube. By measuring the change in the oscillation of the tubes in the meter, it is possible to measure a phase difference and provide an accurate measure of mass flow.


Practical Flowmeter Solutions


One of the most important benefits of the Coriolis flow meter is that it can be used on most types of liquids and gases. This includes liquids with solids, slurries, highly viscous liquids, aggressive and corrosive liquids and other similar media.


At the same time, the Micro Motion Coriolis meter can be used to measure more than just the flow rate through the system. It can also measure the density, the viscosity, and the process temperature of the media. These measurements are used in the calculation of mass flow through the meter, so they are available for additional information about the system.


The Coriolis technology is also a top choice when there are low flow rates or extreme pressure drops through the system. Other types of meters are often unable to capture flow data in these conditions, but the Coriolis meter offers this capacity.


With no special straight pipe requirements or similar installation requirements, this is also an effective flowmeter to replace older technologies in existing systems. For more information on the benefits of the Micro MotionCoriolis meter, call us today at 732-901-5900, or email us at



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