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Understanding the Rosemount Magnetic Flow Meter

Published on 08 08, 2017 in Category: MAGNETIC FLOW METER

At Keco Engineered Controls we work with chemical, food, and pharmaceutical plants, power plants, refineries, and waste treatment plants to help accurately monitor and control the flow of water and other liquids flowing into, flowing within, and flowing out of the plant.


We often recommend the Rosemount magnetic flow meter for these flow monitoring and control requirements for the reasons noted below.


A Quick Overview of Function


The Rosemount magnetic flow meter operates based on the Faraday Law of electromagnetic induction. In a simplified description, the flow sensor (tube) contains two magnetic coils located on opposite sides of the tube. A flow transmitter energizes the coils which creates a magnetic field in the tube. A conductive fluid moving through this field generates an induced voltage at two electrodes in the tube.


The electrodes are installed perpendicular to the coils and opposite each other in the tube. The voltage at the electrodes increases as the fluid velocity increases. The faster the flow, the higher the voltage. The transmitter reads the voltage and converts it to a flow reading, for example Gallons Per Minute.


Types of Liquids


A Rosemount magnetic flow meter can be used to measure almost any type of conductive liquid. This includes difficult fluids such as slurries, caustic or acids. For liquids with conductivity greater than 5 microsiemens, the Rosemount Magnetic Flow meter may be a good choice. Lower conductivity fluids produce too small a voltage change for accurate measurements so they are not good choices for a magnetic flow meter.


An important reason we recommend the magnetic flow meter over other options is the unobstructed flow of the liquid through the sensor. There is no obstruction in the sensor, and no moving parts, so flow blockages and worn parts are not a concern. In addition the meter requires relatively short upstream and downstream straight pipe runs.


If you have flow measurements that are critical to help fulfill regulatory requirements, to help control material costs, or to help increase your quality control, please call us at 732 901-5900 or e-mail us at to determine if the Rosemount Magnetic Flow meter would be a good choice for you.

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