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Why a Rosemount Flow Transmitter Is a Good Choice

Published on 04 17, 2018 in Category: GENERAL

At KECO Engineered Controls, we specialize in providing control instrumentation for a wide range of industries from power plants and refineries to water and wastewater treatment plants.


One of the more challenging applications we face is the accurate measurement of flow for air and other gasses, fluids and slurries that move into, around, and out of plant facilities. Facility managers depend on our experience and expertise to help them monitor and control flows and then send the flow outputs to data acquisition systems for analysis and regulatory requirements.


To help achieve precise monitoring and control, and to provide the needed data acquisition, we often choose one of the Rosemount Flow Transmitter products. The variety of products, their accuracy, and their demonstrated durability, especially in some of the harsh conditions where they are installed make them an excellent choice.


Simplicity Without Compromising Features


A Rosemount Flow Transmitter can be an Annubar, Coriolis, Differential Pressure, Electromagnetic, Vortex, or Turbine meter. The wide range of choices enables us to accurately measure almost any flow entering, moving within, or exiting a facility.


As noted above, dependability is another significant reason for using Rosemount flow transmitter models, and in many cases this dependability is the result of a focus on simple design. For Rosemount, this means an emphasis on minimizing the amount of moving parts in their meters which extends the life of the meter and reduces maintenance resulting in less downtime.


Finally, most Rosemount flow Transmitter models also come equipped with full diagnostics. This allows the transmitter to continually check for any problems in the process as well as in transmitter itself.


Easy Installation


Many of the flow transmitters offered by Rosemount can also be mounted either integrally on the flow sensor or as a remote mounted unit. This provides both ease of installation in various locations resulting in a better fit in the process.


Most Rosemount Flow Transmitter models will arrive ready to install. If requirements are provided, they are calibrated and tested to those requirements, which allows for a fast installation and commissioning.


Keco Applications Engineers combine years of flow meter experience and use Rosemount flow software to insure the recommended meter is the best available for your application. Please call 732 901-5900 or email to with your requirements so we can provide you with the very best meter for your flow application.

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