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Why Choose a Rosemount Pressure Transmitter?

Published on 11 11, 2019 in Category: GENERAL

 Rosemount 3051 Transmitter Rosemount transmitters are utilized for accurate and reliable measurement of flow, temperature, level, and pressure in power and process industry applications. At KECO Engineered Controls, we offer gauge, differential, and absolute pressure transmitters for the power, process, and other industries, by providing the Rosemount pressure transmitter.


There are dozens of different configurations of pressure transmitters that are designed to meet specific process conditions. These transmitters are built to help insure efficient and safe operations as they help you meet your pressure requirements. Our team has your pressure transmitter requirements covered even for very demanding applications.


Functions of Rosemount Pressure Transmitters


Rosemount pressure transmitters are used for the monitoring of differential, absolute, and gauge pressure in industrial processes. These devices produce an analog output signal, usually 4 to 20mA, sent to panel meters, control systems, controllers, and recorders for controlling and/or monitoring process operations.


Rosemount Pressure Transmitter Benefits


These pressure transmitters include maintenance options that are easily accessible using Rosemount field communicators, PLC’s or DCS systems. They help in the reduction of unplanned downtime in addition to ensuring performance and safety, in challenging environments.


There are a number of important benefits with pressure transmitters that other types of pressure measurement devices such as gauges do not provide. For example, Rosemount pressure transmitters can operate successfully in almost any environment and may even be submerged for limited time periods if sealed conduit connections are used.


They are manufactured with piezoelectric materials that are immune to electromagnetic and radiation fields as well as vibration. These transmitters may be linked to other important systems such as PLC’s or DCS systems.


Pressure Transmitter Applications


Pressure transmitters are found in many real-world applications. They are found on process equipment to alert equipment operators about high levels of pressure to prevent an unsafe condition from occurring. Rosemount pressure transmitters are also used to help control the pressure applied by machines during production processes. In addition they can be used with other devices to measure water flow, altitude, depth, and pressure loss to warn about system leaks.


If you are interested in the Rosemount pressure transmitter options we can provide to you, contact our team today are more information.

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