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Why Use A Rosemount Vortex Flow Meter?

Published on 06 28, 2017 in Category: VORTEX FLOW METER

One of the advantages of choosing KECO Engineered Controls for all of your flow meter needs is our experience and expertise in the industry. We listen to your information about your project, upgrade, or installation. We then recommend the best flow meter to meet your requirements


We supply a wide range of Rosemount flow meters that are uniquely designed for different flow metering needs. These meters are used worldwide and have an extensive history of accurate, reliable, low maintenance operation along with a long lifecycle and easy installation.


The Durability Factor


In applications where accurate, reliable flow measurement is required, we often recommend the Rosemount Vortex flow meter. This is a very versatile flow meter which is designed to operate in extreme working conditions. This flow meter is used to measure gases, liquids, and steam. It can also be used with corrosive fluids or gases, so the vortex meter is ideal in many applications requiring monitoring and control of these demanding materials.


Like most of the Rosemount line of flow meters, the Rosemount Vortex flow meter is also designed for real-world working conditions. It can stand up to the extreme temperatures and high pressures required in many plant operations. The vortex meter has no moving parts, so there is limited wear and less risk of leaks developing with the meter.


Measurement Process


The Rosemount Vortex flow meter operates using the von Karaman effect, where an obstacle in the path of the flow (a shedder bar) sheds vortices in direct proportion to the fluid or gas velocity. A sensor is located at the end of the shedder bar. The sensor creates a sine wave signal caused by the passing vortices. The transmitter then measures the frequency of the sine wave and converts it to a flow rate.


If you are considering using a Rosemount Vortex flow meter, call 732 901-5900 or e-mail keco@optonline. The flow experts at Keco will listen to your application requirements and recommend the best meter for your needs.

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