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Advantages to Choosing the Rosemount 8732

Published on 12 19, 2019 in Category: GENERAL

Accurate measurement and documentation of facility wastewater discharge can be a significant challenge in food, chemical, and beverage processing plants, waste treatment plants, and power plants. Many companies now rely on the Rosemount Magnetic Flow Meter with the Rosemount 8732 Transmitter to deliver a precise flow measurement which includes annual documentation of the meters accuracy. At KECO Engineered Controls, we offer solutions to facilities to help satisfy these regulatory requirements while also increasing control of plant effluent flow.


Rosemount Magnetic Flow Meter and the Rosemount 8732 Transmitter


The Rosemount Magnetic Flow Meter with the Rosemount 8732 transmitter is an excellent choice if you need an integral or remote mounted transmitter installed in a hazardous or other challenging location. The Rosemount 8732 transmitter is manufactured with an explosion proof housing and contains an optical switch as part of its local operator interface.


As a result the Rosemount 8732 Transmitter diagnostic information and meter configuration are accessed through a glass shield located in front of the transmitter display. As a result, there is no need to remove protective covers to view or change the configuration. In addition, a password function can be used to ensure a secure configuration.


Rosemount 8732 Calibration Verification


A unique element of the Rosemount 8732 Transmitter is its Calibration Verification feature. Local, state, or federal regulators often require that meter calibration be verified on some type of regular basis – either annually or otherwise. The 8714i Calibration Verification diagnostic compares the existing transmitter and flow sensor values to their as new, original signature values. If the values measured fall within the set parameters of the user, the Rosemount Flow Meter sensor and the Rosemount 8732e transmitter are certified as compliant with those parameters. In addition, a meter verification report is generated and available for submission to regulatory agencies.


Keco Engineered Controls can perform the Calibration Verification if third-party verification is required from a regulatory agency. Our team can also issue the report to be saved in company files for regulatory agency inspectors.


Other Diagnostics


Beyond calibration verification, the Rosemount flow meter with the Rosemount 8732e flow transmitter delivers other diagnostic capabilities that include messages such as:


  • Coil Fault

  • Empty Pipe

  • Grounding / Wiring fault

  • High Process Noise

  • Transmitter Fault


Combined with the durable construction of the Rosemount 8732e transmitter, these messages help ensure that flow measurement performed with the Rosemount Magnetic Flow Meter maintains its accuracy and reliability.


If you are ready to utilize the powerful benefits of the Rosemount 8732 transmitter in your industrial processes, contact us today at KECO Engineered Controls.



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