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Rosemount 8732

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Magnetic Flow Meters for Challenging Conditions

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Rosemount 8732e Transmitter with Advanced Diagnostics

Accurately accounting for facility waste water discharge is a major challenge in chemical, food and beverage processing plants, power plants, and waste treatment plants. Today more companies are relying on the Rosemount Magnetic Flow Meter with the Rosemount 8732 Transmitter to provide an optimum flow measurement, liquid analysis, water, and wastewater solution.

Rosemount Magnetic Flow Meter

and Rosemount 8732 Transmitter

Using Remote Mount Capabilities: Ideal in Hazardous Areas

The Rosemount Magnetic Flow Meter with the Rosemount 8732e transmitter is ideal when an integrally mounted transmitter is needed for installation in hazardous areas or other difficult locations. This unique transmitter is built in an explosion proof housing with an optical switch for local operator interface. As a result, the Rosemount 8732 Transmitter meter configuration and diagnostic communications are accessed through the protective glass in front of the transmitter display–No need to remove protective covers to view and change the configuration. In addition, to ensure the configuration is secure, a password function is available.

Rosemount 8732 Calibration Verification

The most unique feature in the Rosemount 8732 Transmitter is Calibration Verification. When federal, state, or local regulators require that the meter calibration be verified on an annual or other basis, the 8714i in situ meter diagnostic compares the existing flow sensor and transmitter values to the original (new) signature values. Process management is improved:  If the measured values are  within the user set parameters (for example +/- 1%) the Rosemount Flow Meter and the Rosemount 8732e transmitter are certified to be within specifications. A meter  Verification Report is available to submit to any regulatory agency.

If third party verification is required by a regulatory agency Keco can perform the meter tests,and issue the Report to keep in company files for regulatory inspectors.

Rosemount Flow Meter


Rosemount 8732 Transmitter

Additional Diagnostics

To aid process management, in addition to calibration verification the Rosemount flow meter with the Rosemount 8732e flow transmitter provides other diagnostics with messages such as:
• Empty Pipe • Coil Fault • Transmitter Fault • High Process Noise • Grounding / Wiring fault
These messages– together with the rugged construction of the Rosemount 8732e transmitter– ensure  flow measurement with the Rosemount Magnet Flo Meter is  accurate and is certified to meet regulatory requirements.

How do I know which flowmeter is correct for my needs?

 Keco Engineered Controls regularly works with our customers to assist them successfully meet challenging flow measurement and regulatory requirements. Our primary focus is on solving problems and meeting customer requirements. Extensive experience, combined with our use of the latest flow metering software -available with the Rosemount Magnetic Flow Meter , help ensure you receive a meter built for your needs. Please contact us today – we promise to create a solution specific to your facility's requirement.

To find out more about this product, please also see our Pressure page, or contact us.