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Benefits of The Rosemount Flow Transmitter

Published on 06 07, 2018 in Category: GENERAL

At KECO Engineered Controls, we specialize in providing parts and components to facilities for process control to help you to better monitor and control your operating systems. Facilities we work with every day include chemical, food & beverage processors, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, power, water, and wastewater plants.


To meet the wide range of needs of these very diverse facilities, we provide a full range of Rosemount products. These include the Rosemount pressure transmitter and Rosemount flow transmitter models.


Finding the Right Flow Transmitter


Our experienced specialists assist you to find the exact Rosemount flow transmitter for your specific requirements. We provide differential pressure flow systems using annubar, nozzle, orifice plate, and venturi elements, as well as coriolis, turbine, magnetic, and vortex flow meters.


To provide you with installation flexibility, we can often design the Rosemount flow transmitter as an integral mount or a remote mount unit. This provides you with additional mounting options, particularly important when the flow meter will be in a difficult to access location.


The Rosemount flow transmitter itself can provide data on a local LCD display, and can be supplied with a local operator interface on many models. This interface includes a simple to use keypad for easy commissioning and for changes to the transmitter configuration.


Additionally, the Rosemount flow transmitter provides diagnostic messages that range from electronic or sensor issues to problems with the process being outside of its operating limits. The magnetic flow meter provides diagnostics to identify empty pipe, ground fault, and reverse flow issues as well as process issues.


Depending on the needs of your operating system, we can offer you a wide range of Rosemount flow transmitter models. Magnetic flowmeters have become very popular because they have no moving parts.


More important, we specialize by providing the magnetic flow meter with the Rosemount 8732 and 8712 transmitter diagnostics and the unique Calibration Verification option. With this option we help you satisfy regulatory requirements without removing the meter to be sent out for costly calibration and testing.


By using meter verification diagnostics, a company can eliminate flow lab costs, maintenance costs, and shipping costs. In fact, here is a great case study from the Food & Beverage industry where an agricultural processor saved $7300 in regulatory compliance costs with meter verification diagnostic.


Learn more about the various types of flow transmitters offered by Rosemont. Browse our website at, email us at, or call us at 732-901-5900.

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