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Options to Consider When Selecting ABB Flow Meters

Published on 09 19, 2018 in Category: FLOW METERS

ABB is a company that has been manufacturing a wide range of flow measurement and flow metering devices for the last century. At KECO Engineered Controls, we work closely with our customers to ensure we match their flow measurement requirements with the meter that is best suited for the application and the working environment. To meet these needs, an ABB flow meter is frequently our primary recommendation.


We offer a range of different options within the ABB flow meter family, including specific meters for oil and gas. Most often the Coriolis flowmeters are selected for the oil and gas industry applications. Magnetic flow meters that are extremely accurate and include cutting-edge technology for everything from very low flow rate applications to sanitary processing systems are used for conductive fluids such as plant influent into, and plant effluent out of the refinery.


To help our customers narrow down their selection and choose the right ABB flow meter for the system, here are important factors to consider before you make a purchase.


Precision of Measurement


One of the most important factors is the type of media that will be measured by the system. Based on our experience, not all liquids and gases will behave the same when pressures and temperatures change, and this applies specifically to the effects on viscosity.


As a result, media properties more specific than gas or liquid, such as density, flow rate, pressure and temperature allow us to recommend the ABB flow meter that will provide the most precise measurement for the application.


Another factor to consider when choosing the right meter is the location of the meter. Where the meter will need to be installed will impact the selection of the meter materials of construction, and any regulatory and safety ratings that will be needed.


Finally, physical issues such as pipe bends, elbows, or valves that are too close to the meter which could cause distortions in the media flow are considered to insure the location will provide the most accurate readings possible.


To discuss your application and get professional support in selecting the ideal flow meter, contact an experienced application engineer at 732-901-5900, or email us at to request a quote today.


ABB WaterMaster Electromagnetic Flowmeter data sheet

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