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Specifications and Features of a Rosemount Temperature Transmitter

Published on 10 03, 2018 in Category: TEMPERATURE TRANSMITTER

There are many different options available in Rosemount temperature transmitter models. Every transmitter is designed for specific applications and operating conditions, and as a result, each has unique features.


With many options available, it is often worth the time to take a closer look at the Rosemount temperature transmitter models. Some of the latest Rosemount temperature transmitter features detailed below could significantly improve your temperature controlto help reduce costs and improve safety in your operations.


Rosemount 644


One of the most versatile and cost effective models, the Rosemount 644 can be built for hazardous location use, for marine applications, and for systems requiring ICE 61508 certification.


This Rosemount temperature transmitter can be equipped with HART, PROFIBUS or FOUNDATION Fieldbus protocols. It can also be installed in different mounting positions, and with numerous enclosure options available, it can be used in many different operating situations.


The model 644 uses advanced transmitter-sensor matching technology to reduce measurement error. This feature, combined with sensor degradation diagnostics and sensor drift alert provides you with very reliable temperature measurement.


Rosemount 3144P


Offering all the features of the 644, the Rosemount 3144P provides the additional option to combine the 3144P with a pipe clamp sensor and the proprietary X-well technology to allow for accurate temperature measurements without the need for process penetration.


Rosemount temperature transmitter models can also be built with Hot Backup functionality. This important feature reduces the risk of losing temperature data. The transmitter can be built with two sensors. If one fails the transmitter switches to the other, maintaining accurate temperature measurement. The small additional cost for this feature has resulted in significant cost savings for many companies by reducing process interruptions.


Rosemount 848T


The Rosemount 848T is a high-density temperature transmitter, accepting up to eight sensor inputs with the ability to dramatically reduce wiring costs. The result is an ideal solution for remote locations in refineries and other types of processes requiring multiple temperature measurements.


Rosemount 644 Quick Start Guide


Please contact us today to ensure you are looking at the right Rosemount temperature transmitter for your needs.

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