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The Factors to Consider when Choosing a Rosemount Vortex Flow Meter

Published on 08 22, 2019 in Category: GENERAL

One of the most important services we provide for our customers at KECO Engineered Controls is the option to have our engineers to provide an evaluation of the benefits of a particular type of flow meter for a given application.


We supply many types of flowmeters that can be used across a wide variety of process applications, systems, and industries. A very versatile option for accurate flow measurement is the Rosemount Vortex flow meter. This product has many advantages over other flow meters including no moving parts, high accuracy, and a wide measurement range.


The Design

The Rosemount Vortex flow meter, as noted above, is designed with no moving parts. This adds to the service life of the meter as there is no wear and tear on flow meter components as it measures flow.


Rather than moving parts, the Vortex flow meter uses a bluff body or a shedder bar in the stream of the media. This creates an obstacle that is wider on the upstream side than the downstream side. As the media flows around this bluff body, it creates vortices as the flow curves back and turns after the shedder bar.


Sensors are able to detect and measure a frequency created by the vortex effect in the media which the electronics use to provide accurate flow measurement. The Rosemount Vortex flow meter is a good choice for both liquids and gases, and they are found across diverse applications such as natural gas, oil, steam, and water flow measurement.


Flow Turndown Range


The Rosemount Vortex flow meter also offers a wide flow turndown range, as much as 100:1. This makes it a top choice when there is a wide range of flow rates that need to be monitored within a system. The design of the vortex flowmeter is also effective in eliminating leaks, an important maintenance and safety consideration in any type of application.


For more details about the benefits of a vortex flow meter for your applications, email us at or call us at 732 901-5900732-901-5900.


RosemountTM 8800D Series Vortex Flowmeter

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