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Rosemount Vortex Flow Meter

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Vortex Meters For Wide Flow Ranges and High Accuracy

An excellent choice to measure flow where wide flow ranges (100:1 turndown), high accuracy (+/-0.5 to 1.0%), and a meter with no moving parts is required is the Rosemount Vortex Flow meter. The model 8800D eliminates the impulse lines, ports, and gaskets found in other flow meters. A meter with fewer parts helps improve accuracy, reliability, and safety – no seals, just steel. The result is a unique all welded, gasket free meter with no ports or crevices that can clog.

The Rosemount Vortex Flow Meter is available in wafer, flanged, dual meter, reduced tube size, and high pressure (ASME Class 1500) designs. It is available in sizes from ½ inch (15 mm) to 12 inch (300 mm). The model 8800D can be used to measure gas, liquid, and steam flow. It is also available as a Reducer Vortex where the meter connections are the same as the pipe but the inner flow tube is reduced to extend the flow range to measure lower flow rates.

Improve Process Availability, Decrease Costs, Enhance Safety

Another unique feature in the Rosemount Vortex Flow Meter is the replaceable sensor which is isolated from the process. It can be inspected, serviced, and/or replaced without breaking the process seal. This maximizes process availability, unlike other vortex meters which require a process shutdown for routine maintenance and verification. To insure safety, the model 8800D Critical Process Vortex, a needle valve enables access to the sensor cavity to ensure that no hazardous process fluid is present.

Insure Reliability During Process Operation

To help insure reliable process operations, the Rosemount Vortex Flow Meter provides industry leading vibration immunity and wide flow range optimization with its Adaptive Digital Signal processing feature (ADSP). Additional model 8800D device diagnostics and meter verification offer simplified troubleshooting to help maximize meter flow measurement availability. For extreme temperature service, -330 to 800 F (-200 to 427 C), the flow transmitter can be mounted remotely. An armored connection cable is available in 10 to 75 foot lengths.

Reduce Installation Costs for temperature compensated Liquid and steam flow measurement

A temperature sensor can be incorporated into the Rosemount Vortex Flow Meter for liquid and steam flow applications. The model 8800D multivariable design builds the temperature sensor into the meter using the shedder bar as a thermowell. As a result, no separate temperature sensor and thermowell installation is necessary. This built-in sensor enables the meter to provide temperature compensated liquid and saturated steam measurement by correcting the density as the process temperature changes. The meter uses on-board ASME steam tables for the compensated steam flow results.

Can the Rosemount Vortex Flow Meter improve my process Accuracy, availability, and reliability?

Take advantage of our years of experience and expertise specifying flow meters for gas, liquid, and steam. We’ll use the latest flow meter soft ware to help you determine if the model 8800D can help you achieve improvements in your process. Please contact us today at KECO Engineered controls so we can work with you to determine the best flow meter for your requirements.

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