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The Unique Features of the Rosemount 56 Dual-Transmitter

Published on 10 06, 2022 in Category: GENERAL




KECO Engineered Controls recommends the Rosemount 56 Dual Channel Multi-Parameter Transmitter for advanced liquid analysis. The dual-channel transmitter is capable of displaying up to 2 independently measured liquid analytical measurements. Advanced features like quick start programming, PID control, and data logging expand this transmitter’s capabilities far beyond the display and transmission of measurement readings. These transmitters are equipped with digital communication options  enabling them to

transmit process results via HART hosts and Profibus networks.




As a dual channel transmitter, the Rosemount model 56 offers the unique advantage of accepting two independent inputs from liquid analytical sensors. The transmitter can display independent readings from pH/ORP, ISE, flow, conductivity, free chlorine, total chlorine, dissolved oxygen, ozone, and turbidity sensors. These transmitters can withstand a temperature range between 14 and 131 °F, with a relative humidity range of 5 to 95% - making them highly reliable in the most extreme environments.


All data gathered is displayed on a user-friendly operator interface, showing specific graphical measurements, temperature readings, and diagnostics. The display is clear and large, and there is an on board electronic manual you can access. Once the Rosemount 56 transmitter has completed the data collection process, it provides a data logger for retrieving all analytic measurements via a USB port.




As a technically advanced transmitter designed for precise analytical measurements, the Rosemount 56 transmitter offers quick start programming, onboard concentration curves for common acids and bases, automatic recognition of SMART sensors and new sensor boards, and fast calibration of pH sensors.


The 56 Dual Channel Transmitter is installed with durable Rosemount sensors, like the Rosemount 3900 pH/ORP sensor. Interested in how these two products work together? KECO has completed a number of projects involving the installation of both the Rosemount 56 transmitter and Rosemount 3900 sensors, similar to a Northern New Jersey commercial laundry wastewater monitoring application.  


Working with engineers across the United States and the world, Keco works hard to supply the most advanced process  control equipment on the market, providing brands like Rosemount, Foxboro, Hach, and Signet.  Keco puts the Rosemount 56 Dual Channel Transmitter on the top of liquid analyzer list for its reliability, accuracy, and user-friendliness. Check out the Rosemount 56 Manual today for more information about how this advanced transmitter can help you produce an efficient, precise, and safe process application.

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