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Foxboro Pressure Transmitter

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Foxboro Pressure Transmitter

Foxboro® brand I/A Series® Model IGP10 Product Data Sheet

Foxboro® Universal Instruction Manual I/A Series® Pressure Transmitters

Foxboro Oil and Gas Production Pressure Measurement Application Note

Whether you are an instrument technician, production manager, or plant manager, you know how important reliable equipment is to your company’s operation every day. Unfortunately, thousands of vital measurement and control instruments experience serious malfunctions each year, causing hours or even days of downtime as everyone works to return the process to normal operation.

Pressure transmitters are one of the most common instruments that companies depend on for pressure control in their processes. The Foxboro Pressure Transmitter is an extremely dependable two-wire transmitter that consistently provides +/-0.06% of span accuracy with unequalled durability that technicians, production managers, and plant managers consistently depend on to help them keep their production processes running at optimum levels.

Absolute Control

Maintaining optimum production levels usually requires precise control of pressures in the production process. The Foxboro Pressure Transmitter helps you do this by providing an easy two-button configuration right on the LCD keypad which can be rotated for easy reading. The result is the ability to make configuration changes right at the process measurement point. Additionally you can observe the results on the LCD as you adjust the configuration to provide just the pressure control you need for your process.

Multiple Options to Suit Your Equipment

In addition to the two-button configuration, the Foxboro Pressure Transmitter provides a choice of HART digital, 4 to 20 mA, and low power 1-5 VDC electronics modules, integrated intelligence, and compensation for ambient temperature variations. The transmitter can withstand ambient temperatures of -40C to +85C (-40F to +185F) and sensor temperatures of -46C to +121C (-50F to +250F). The sensor has pressure limits of 0-30 psi up to 0-30000 psi with its field-proven silicon strain gauge technology.

Call us today at 732 901-5900, or email us at with your pressure control needs. An Applications Engineer with many years of experience specifying the Foxboro Pressure Transmitter will listen to those needs and provide you with a transmitter built specifically to meet your requirements.

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