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Rosemount 3051 Pressure Transmitter

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The Rosemount Pressure Transmitter

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The ideal for every industrial manager is for every piece of equipment in their process to function properly at all times. However, the reality is that time in service and process conditions like extreme heat or cold, vibration, and moisture can cause equipment inaccuracy or failure

The Rosemount Pressure Transmitter is not only extremely efficient, but can be built to minimize the impact of extreme process and environmental conditions. There are a number of reasons the Rosemount Pressure Transmitter is the ideal component for your industrial process. The standard housing is available with intrinsically safe, explosion proof, dust proof and other certificates. The sturdy housing protects the transmitter electronic components from moisture, dust and other harmful conditions. The sensors, manifolds and accessories can be built with metals like 316L Stainless Steel , Alloy C-276 and others to help maintain their accuracy and longevity even when exposed to harsh conditions.

Guaranteed Performance

The importance of equipment that offers stabile, dependable performance is extremely valuable to insure your process operates efficiently and safely - while minimizing the possibility of unexpected process disruptions caused by inaccurate transmitter outputs or even transmitter failure. Experience by users in thousands of industrial processes has shown that the Rosemount Pressure Transmitter is the industry leader in providing stable and dependable performance.

Much Lower Rate of Maintenance

In addition to dependable, accurate operation, the Rosemount Pressure Transmitter also provides onboard diagnostics which provide advance notice of process problems that could cause equipment inaccuracy and/or failure resulting in unplanned process outages. This advanced warning about potential equipment failure and potential process disruption has become a significant benefit provided by the Rosemount Pressure Transmitter.

Please call us at 732 901-5900 or email us at with information about your application. If you are in New York, New Jersey, or in Dubai, London, Singapore, or Shenzhen China, an applications engineer with many years of pressure transmitter experience will use the latest Rosemount transmitter design software to build a specific model number for you.

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