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Badger Water Meter

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Badger Water Meter

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Badger Water Meter Options Showcase Cutting-Edge Technology

Well-known as an innovative provider of water meters and related products, Badger has an excellent reputation for providing dependable, user-friendly technology that gets the job done. The latest generation of Badger Water Meter products is specifically designed to be reliable and maintenance free. For the magnetic flow meter, features such as no moving parts means that once the meter is installed, it will simply continue to output the data you need.

Water Meters that are Suitable for Challenging Locations

In many cases, a Badger Water Meter has to be installed in a location that is a very hostile environment, and is difficult to access. For these meters it is vital that they operate without extensive monitoring. Badger incorporates two-way communication in many of its meters which enables easy communication with the device. As a result, meter readers, property owners, and service technicians can all receive the same accurate information in real time which eliminates disagreements about usage.

Badger Water Meter and Other Premium Products

The Badger Water Meter is just one of a wide range of flow monitoring products that KECO Engineered Controls supplies. As experts in providing equipment you need to monitor flow, level, pressure, and temperature, you receive dependable, high quality equipment resulting from our never ending search for the best products that can be found. With manufacturers like Badger, Dwyer, Foxboro, Micro Motion, and Rosemount, measurement and control solutions are always available.

Expert Advice on Your Badger Water Meter

Our water metering experience includes chemical processing, food & beverage, energy production, refining, and water and wastewater treatment plants, so it’s very likely we can provide the solution that you need. Call or email us today, we look forward to hearing from you. Phone: 732 901-5900. Email:

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