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Rosemount 3051CFC Flow Transmitter

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Rosemount 3051 SFC & 3051 CFC Flow Transmitters

When power, process plants and refineries need precision liquid, gas, or steam flow measurement, the 3051CFC and 3061 SFC Differential Pressure (DP) Flow Transmitters stand out as models of accuracy, simplicity, and reliability. They are designed to meet the easy installation, low maintenance, precise measurement,and safety requirements of todays industrial processes. Widely used in demanding applications, these differential pressure flow transmitters demonstrate simple excellence in flow monitoring and are built to AGA, ASME, and ISO industry standards.

Innovative Flow Measurement

At the heart of both the Rosemount 3051CFC and 3051SFC is the innovative Compact Conditioning Orifice Plate, engineered to capture flow dynamics. The proprietary 4-hole design produces exceptional accuracy even with the presence of upstream disturbances because the plate is designed to condition the flow stream in addition to producing differential pressure. Standard Beta ratios of 0.20, 0.40, 0.50, and 0.65 are available with the plates.

Streamlined Installation, Superior Performance

Since the flow stream is conditioned by the orifice plate, the installation requires minimal straight pipe runs. Only two pipe diameters (2D) upstream and downstream are necessary for most flow disturbances. Plant operations find the plates conserve valuable space which makes them especially ideal for larger pipe sizes. Where cost, size, weight, and lack of straight pipe runs have previously prohibited flow measurement, facilities can now experience accurate, reliable flow monitoring.

Robust Design for Challenging Applications

Also engineered for versatility, the compact conditioning plate excels in demanding processes because the plate is thicker than conventional orifice plates, 0.125” thick for 2”-4” plates up to 0.50” thick for 22”-24” plates. This construction prevents plate deflection at high flow rates, high pressures and high temperatures to maintain high accuracy. With line sizes up to 24 inches (300 mm), the plates measure liquid, gas, and steam flawlessly, even with severe process conditions.

Exceptional Transmitter Stability and Flexibility

Benefitting from a 10-year stability, an impressive 8:1 flow turndown ratio, and accuracy as good as +/-0.5% of span the 3051CFC flow transmitter offers unmatched stability, range, and accuracy in standard DP volumetric flow applications.

When measuring compressible fluids, gasses and steam, the 3051SFC multivariable transmitter also provides static pressure and temperature measurements which allow the onboard calculation ofscalable mass flow outputs. The industry leading Ultra for Flow transmitter model can provide unmatched +/- 0.1% total performance accuracy across wide flow ranges (14:1 turndown). Its ability to maintain precise measurements over extended periods (15 year stability) ensures operational reliability in dynamic industrial settings.

Intuitive Operation and Significant Cost Savings

The 3051CFC & 3051SFC are shipped fully assembled, calibrated, configured, and leak tested, for out-of-the-box installation. Equipped with a user-friendly local operator interface and Loop Integrity diagnostics, operation can begin immediately after installation. Significantly, facilities have calculated cost savings up to 55% compared to traditional orifice plate installations.

Use the Rosemount 3051CFC or 3051SFC for Your next Flow Measurement Requirement!

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Below is a link that will take you to a web page. Please scroll to the bottom to see the “How Conditioning Orifice Plates Work” We would like to include this video or a link to it on the oage. We did include the video on our Mailer #7 on 1/22/24 “Natural Gas Mass Flowmeter”

Below are links to the 3051S Manual for the 3051SFCand the 3051 Manual for the 3051CFC. We would like to make these available on the above page.




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