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Rosemount Magnetic Flowmeters

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Product Information:
The Rosemount magnetic flowmeters deliver industry leading performance and improved reliability coupled with intelligent diagnostics that include a meter verification. This provides a means to verify that the meter is within calibration without requiring a costly removal to send it out for a calibration test to meet federal and/or state regulatory requirements.

DESIGNED FOR RELIABILITY: Keeping your process running safely with reliable measurements is critical. Moisture, vibration and changing environmental conditions all work to undermine the reliability of your magnetic flowmeter and the resulting measurement. The Rosemount E-Series is designed to be the most reliable magnetic flowmeter available. Every meter is tested prior to shipping to ensure it is ready for your application.

ROBUST CONSTRUCTION: E-Series magnetic flowmeters are unaffected by moisture. The transmitter is designed with dual compartments and uses local operator interface technology to keep the electronics moisture-free and maintain safe local configuration in hazardous environments. The sensor is all-welded to eliminate gaskets and prevent moisture ingress.

SUPERIOR ACCURACY FOR IMPROVED PROCESS CONTROL: Inaccurate flow measurement makes process control and optimization difficult. In addition to reference accuracy, inadequate straight pipe runs, ambient temperature effects and digital to analog (D to A) conversion errors all have an impact on the measurement accuracy achieved in the field.

DIAGNOSTICS SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE: Installing, maintaining and troubleshooting a flowmeter can be time consuming. To simplify these tasks, Rosemount E-Series offers unprecedented diagnostics that let you verify the meter’s installation and health throughout the life of the meter. If there is an issue, the diagnostics provide actionable feedback. The diagnostics can be easily accessed through the meter’s local operator interface, a 475 communicator or AMS® Suite: Intelligent Device Manager software.

IMPROVE PROCESS CONTROL SIGNAL: A noisy flow measurement is a common issue in applications where there is a slurry, entrained gas, or an active chemical reaction. E-Series high process noise detection diagnoses these causes and provides a means to remove the variability from your flow measurement. When high process noise is detected, simply adjust from the standard coil drive frequency (5 Hz) to the high coil drive frequency (37 Hz). This will stabilize readings without adding dead-time to your control loop, allowing for tighter set-points and improved process control.

REDUCE MAINTENANCE AND TROUBLESHOOTING: With Emerson meter verification you can confirm the health of the entire E-Series magnetic flowmeter - both transmitter and sensor – without the need for additional external equipment. It’s no longer necessary to remove the sensor from the line or use costly and time consuming specialized equipment to verify a meter’s performance.

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